Derek Regenhard - Naked Metal Studio

Naked Metal Studio LLC designs and builds vintage industrial style furniture and table legs. As we started to produce more and more table legs we found ourselves spending a ton of time on processes like repetitively cutting flat bar and drilling holes. We even recorded the time it took to cut and drill parts for our table leg designs and quickly came to the realization that we were spending far to much time on these repetitive tasks. That started the search for a way to speed up this process and our introduction to the world of ironworkers. We spent a good amount of time researching machines, and comparing what the different brands had to offer. Between positive reviews, the array of options/ accessories and the great pricing we decided to purchase an Edwards 55 ton Jaws ironworker with a few "bells and whistles". The optional hydraulic accessory pack was also a huge deciding factor when it came to picking a brand. This feature allows you to expand into additional equipment which can all be run from the ironworkers existing hydraulic system (big cost savings). After thousands of sheared parts, and many times that of punched holes, we are thoroughly impressed. This machine has saved us tons of man hours, and the cost of replacing numerous carbide saw blades and drill bits. Also not knowing exactly what to expect in regards to electricity consumption, we are amazed by the efficiency of this machine. A big thanks to everyone at Edwards Manufacturing for designing and building such amazing machines, keep it up!

Andy Gulick - House of Sound

I just bought this Edwards ironworker 55 ton unit and also the 10 ton tube bender as well. I have a light fab custom car shop in Phoenix Arizona where we use it just a few times a week but the efficiency with the ironworker saves my installers so much time which is money. We get paid the same amount of money to make or bend a part now as we did before by hand which took so much longer. As a result jobs get done faster and look very professional with this tool. I ended up purchasing all the punch dies and 10" brake a few months later as well as the 3 LEDs which makes this unit top notch in our shop. We also were able to quickly make some steel brackets which now lets the ironworker be mobile to use and store away extra space. All in all I'm very happy with this ironworker and would recommend it to anyone.