Demo Units

Edwards Manufacturing supports our dealership through participation in international, national, regional and local industry shows. We rotate gently used demonstration machines from show locations or demonstration trailers back into our factory for a complete tune-up and then offer them for sale at reconditioned prices.

  Demo 25 Ton Ironworker  1Phase 230 Volt  Serial # 0111117IW25

Demo 40 Ton Ironworker 1 Phase 230 Volt with PowerLink  Serial # 0066117IW40

Demo 100 Ton Deluxe  Ironworker 3 Phase 230 Volt with PowerLink  Serial # 0027218IW100D

Check this page frequently; we will update this page when we have new demo units to offer.

Go to our contact page, call (507) 373-8206, or email for more information regarding demo units.